Saturday, July 16, 2011

Throwing in the towel

  Well the time has come to throw in the proverbial towel on my bike build. If you happened to come across my build thread on entitled from boxes to back roads then you would know the story of the beginning of my build. Long story short I ran out of money with half the riding season over so I decided to extend it to next spring and really put an effort into it. With promised help dwindling down almost as fast as the cash to put into it, my cb750 bike in a box will wait another year. Not all is lost though. What was once was an idea of just getting it on the road now will have time time to blossom into a full on rigid custom ready to piss off the pussies of the world. What more could you ask from a motorcycle?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Buggies, horse shit and lance armstrong

  Today was my wife's baby shower so I borrowed my my Dads Vulcan 900 (my cb750 still isn't done) and went on a ride with my father in law. I only had a little bit of time to ride but we still managed to fit in 70 miles down to Amish country and back. I need to start mapping and tracking my rides, I believe there is an iPhone app for that, or at least there should be. Maybe Ill put something together later on and post it.

   On this ride I got to weave in and out of piles of horse shit will taking long 70mph sweepers and tight chicanes. If there wasn't horse shit then I had to deal with buggies or cars scared to pass buggies. Every once in a while there was an asshole in spandex that though he was the next Lance Armstrong hogging the fucking rode. I can deal with the buggies, just cant stand the rest. I have notice the Amish in buggies or walking tend to wave at motorcyclist a lot kind of like the way a biker will wave to one another. During the shit dodging and car passing I began to wonder why. All I can really think of is we share the same kind of dangers on these roads. We have a common enemy and that is the stupid non driving fuck in the SUV that is watching TV, while texting and driving. So from now on not only will i honk and cows in a field but Ill wave to the Amish.

This was also the first ride in my new helmet. Its a 1971 3/4 helmet. It doesn't fit quite right but after reading a link on a post by a dude named pantsbeer on chopcult about re lining a vintage helmet I think I'm gonna do it.

About me and my blog

  I guess my first post should be back story. I'm a 30 year old married male with a daughter on the way trying to live the high life in stark county Ohio. With a shit economy and jack shit to do its hard to feel like I'm meeting my goal. But fuck it, I find fun in friends, family, beer, two wheels and music so that's what the main focus of this blog will be. Emphasis will be put on the last three, they go together like..... well like beer, motorcycles and music, and that's rad!

I suck at spelling but that's what spellchecks for. I also like to curse, frequently, so if you like that shit then feel free to stop on by.