Sunday, July 10, 2011

Buggies, horse shit and lance armstrong

  Today was my wife's baby shower so I borrowed my my Dads Vulcan 900 (my cb750 still isn't done) and went on a ride with my father in law. I only had a little bit of time to ride but we still managed to fit in 70 miles down to Amish country and back. I need to start mapping and tracking my rides, I believe there is an iPhone app for that, or at least there should be. Maybe Ill put something together later on and post it.

   On this ride I got to weave in and out of piles of horse shit will taking long 70mph sweepers and tight chicanes. If there wasn't horse shit then I had to deal with buggies or cars scared to pass buggies. Every once in a while there was an asshole in spandex that though he was the next Lance Armstrong hogging the fucking rode. I can deal with the buggies, just cant stand the rest. I have notice the Amish in buggies or walking tend to wave at motorcyclist a lot kind of like the way a biker will wave to one another. During the shit dodging and car passing I began to wonder why. All I can really think of is we share the same kind of dangers on these roads. We have a common enemy and that is the stupid non driving fuck in the SUV that is watching TV, while texting and driving. So from now on not only will i honk and cows in a field but Ill wave to the Amish.

This was also the first ride in my new helmet. Its a 1971 3/4 helmet. It doesn't fit quite right but after reading a link on a post by a dude named pantsbeer on chopcult about re lining a vintage helmet I think I'm gonna do it.

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