Saturday, July 16, 2011

Throwing in the towel

  Well the time has come to throw in the proverbial towel on my bike build. If you happened to come across my build thread on entitled from boxes to back roads then you would know the story of the beginning of my build. Long story short I ran out of money with half the riding season over so I decided to extend it to next spring and really put an effort into it. With promised help dwindling down almost as fast as the cash to put into it, my cb750 bike in a box will wait another year. Not all is lost though. What was once was an idea of just getting it on the road now will have time time to blossom into a full on rigid custom ready to piss off the pussies of the world. What more could you ask from a motorcycle?

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  1. WTF, The ever preverbial thought (With a Twist) comes to my mind... "Better Later than Never". You see, I too have a Bike-n-a-box!(Several fuckin boxes!) So I fully understand the frustration of the overpopulated unwanted reasons/excuses! I'm starting with a stock 74 Sportster, most of it anyway. I figure it will take the better part of 2 years so... here we go!